We supply both Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers & Cast Resin Distribution Transformers.

Cast Resin Distribution Transformers

• Primary voltage: up to 24kV;
• Secondary voltage: up to kV 0,690;
• Insulation class: up to kV 24;
• Windings configuration (from kVA100 to kVA 3150): delta/star with neutral (other upon request);
• Vector group: Yyn0, Dyn11, Dyn5 (other upon request);
• Frequency: 50Hz;
• Core assembled with layers of grain-oriented steel foil;
• Encapsulated aluminum primary winding;
• Pre-impregnated aluminum secondary winding;
• Primary voltage tap changers;
• LV terminal plates;
• Bi-directional rollers;
• Lifting lugs;
• Earthing terminal;
• n. 3 PT100 temperature sensors connected in a junction box;
• Electronic temperature monitoring unit;
• Data plate;
• Protection grade IP 00.

Oil Immersed Transformers

Thanks to the experience attained over the years, our range of three-phase oil transformers is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers in terms of:
• High efficiency and energy saving
• Low noise level
• Possibility of installation in countries with tropical conditions and ambient temperatures up to +55°C and Arctic environment up to -40°C;
• Special executions following customer specifications
• Sales and technical support during the project development.